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IMTEK Cryogenics was founded in Ankara in 2001 to serve the advanced technology needs of Turkey with domestic workpower. Starting from the first day, IMTEK has been supplying the technological demands of both the research laboratories and the R&D environments at all organizations. In addition to technological aspects, consulting and engineering actions have also been conducted by experienced technical team.

According to the mission at the beginning, IMTEK has been and is contributing to the domestic economy by carrying out solid R&D activities and production on cooling systems, cryogenic liquid plants and customer-specific engineering solutions. Based on a 30-year-experience on the field, numerous projects have been accomplished successfully. IMTEK Cryogenics has always been an expanding and creative engineering company looking to a bright future.

30 years experience is catalyzing

cryogenic innovation



Every cryoplant comes with a lesson from user’s fable. The knowledge, experience and ideas come together to create one of a kind product for your needs.

The idea behind cryoplants is simple: to bring the easy, intelligent and user friendly operation next to you. CNP 60 is the first member of cryoplants providing high performance LN2 production requiring low maintenance operations. Then, the-modularly-designed CNP 120 appeared which has the capacity of 120 lt/day originally and expandable up to 240 lt/day.

In addition to the batch production cryoplants, their labstation versions, CNP/CNLab 10 and CNP/CNLab 20 were designed for applications where only small volumes of LN2 are required at a time. Along with the cryoplants, IMTEK also supplies compact and easy-to-use nitrogen and oxygen generators: NG-3 and OG-1.

All the products arrive as a plug-and-use system as a fully integrated design which makes the cryogenics as simple as one-button-operation. This simplicity allows the usage of cryoplants and gas generators in the research laboratories, in vitro fertilization (IVF) centers, clean rooms and many more environments.

Simply, make the electrical connections and start producing your own cryogens!



The atmospheric air is pressurized by a compressor and fed to a buffer tank. The pressurized air in the buffer tank, then, directed to the filter group which are located behind the cryoplant in order to separate water droplets and microscopic contaminants from the air. After this first filtering step, remaining moisture in the air is removed by the internal air dryer unit.

The treated dry and clean air with a dew point of -70 °C flows to one of the adsorber beds of the Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) module. The carbon molecular sieve in PSA beds adsorbs the oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules in the dry air. After the saturation of the first adsorption bed, feed flow process valves are switched to the second adsorption bed. Then, the first adsorption bed is depressurized rapidly and purged to remove the adsorbed oxygen. By continuing the switching between the two adsorption beds, a constant flow of pure nitrogen gas is achieved. Therefore, by the PSA technology utilized in cryoplants, nitrogen gas at the correct purity level is provided to liquefier. This pure nitrogen gas, then, is exposed through the buffer tank to the cryocooler that is located vertically in a cryogenic storage vessel.

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IMTEK Cryogenics is specialized in R&D and manufacturing of world-class systems based on cryogenics: a rapidly growing high-tech field in the world market. IMTEK offers a dynamic work environment that inspires employees to achieve their personal best. Here, the individual ideas and creativity are encouraged resulting in the common success with collaboration and competition. In IMTEK, employees benefit from the experience leading to a chance for step-up in their career.

Simply review the open positions and submit your CV to the one fits best to your interest and background.